Information in regards to the Covid-19 virus (updated 2020-03-13)

On Wednesday (2020-03-11) the Swedish government prohibited gatherings with over 500 people. For Swedish orienteering this means that a number of competitions have already been cancelled, postponed, or placed under restrictions.

A decision about 10MILA, which is scheduled for 1-3 May in Upplands-Bro, will be announced next week (week 12). There is a continued dialogue between Föreningen Tiomilakavlen, this year’s organizers, Stockholm Orienteering Federation and the Swedish Orienteering Federation.

Föreningen Tiomilakavlen

Earlier information 2020-03-10:
Regarding the risk of spreading of the Coronavirus, 10MILA will proceed as follows:
- The competition will be held as planned unless the Swedish health authorities or our sports association issue a directive to the opposite effect.
- We will stay up-to-date with any announcements from the authorities.
- We ask our competitors also to follow any developments and to adhere to recommended preventative measures to avoid getting infected.

Föreningen Tiomilakavlen

Last Updated: Saturday, 14 March 2020 11:16