No Tiomila in Upplands-Bro 2020 - Alternative Solutions are Being Investigated

As previously informed, Tiomila will not be taking place on 2nd/3rd May. Because of planned military exercises, Försvarsmakten (the Ministry of Defence) have notified that it is not possible to arrange Tiomila on Livgardet's military exercise area at a later time this year. The Tiomila organisation is continuing to look into the possibility of organising a Tiomila relay in 2020. 

Tiomila is an important event for Swedish Orienteering and work is ongoing to be able to invite to a competition during the autumn. Neither a location nor date can currently be confirmed. In the case of there being a competition, a new invitation will be published as soon as possible.

Those clubs who haven’t cancelled train/flight tickets, accommodation etc, are recommended to do so immediately.

Regarding economic consequences for clubs, competitors and the organisers, there is an ongoing discussion with the Swedish Orienteering Federation. More information will come as soon as possible.

The Tiomila organisation would like to thank the organising clubs, Attunda OK, Järfälla OK, Solna OK, Sundbybergs IK and Väsby OK for all their hard work and engagement which they have invested in the planning stages for the Jubilee competition in Upplands-Bro, which will sadly not take place. We would also like to thank Upplands-Bro municipality as well as Svea Livgarde for their support of Tiomila 2020. 

Christer Nordström
The Tiomila Association

Last Updated: Sunday, 05 April 2020 19:51