Some moments to remember from 10MILA 2022

We received some photos from the finish of Damkavlen (Women's relay) and Tiomilakavlen (Tiomila relay) from Tsz Ying Yu (@TY on instagram and @FireflyTYorienteering on YouTube). Thank you! We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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SI-unit registration control finalized

We have now finished the check of control registrations in the SI-units. The check has resulted in the approval of six additional teams that were previously registered as not approved.

GPS-routes for the relays

The gps-routes for all relays can be found, and be uploaded, here:

At this moment, there are 1924 GPS-routes.

Regarding missing control registrations

We are currently going through the SI-units to see if there are missing registrations in them which have not been registered in the SI-cards. It is possible that one/some additional teams will be approved after this process. We expect to finalize this during this week. ´


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