Welcome to Nynäshamn

28-29 April 2018

10MILA will be decided on the outskirts of Nynäshamn, where the town, countryside and ocean meet. The competition passed through the area 70 years ago via Södertörn terrain but it is only now that the area will be utilised in its entirety.


Kvarnängens IP, arena 2018

10MILA 2018 will be held approximately 40 minutes from Stockholm, and within walking distance of central Nynäshamn and local train services. The arena will be compact and in close proximity to accommodation, refreshments and other services.

Indoor accommodation on hard floors, as well as ample camping places, will be available within walking distance of the arena.

This promises to be a 10MILA weekend with all the characteristics of a festival, with the entire community of Nynäshamn taking part.


The terrain

The three arranging clubs – IFK Enskede, Skogsluffarnas OK and OK Älvsjö-Örby – have identified an area for the competition that offers true wilderness orienteering, with considerable elevations and steep descents. Between the high ground are many flatter sections of overgrown semi-natural landscape. The area immediately around the arena has many trails, making it ideal for youth courses.

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