Training packages 10MILA & World Cup

Preparations for 10MILA 2020 or World Cup 2021? Run a course Idrefjällveckan Light 2020? Or do you want to experience one or several Naturpass in the summer?

Idrefjällens OK offers many options for trainings or own competitions in several different areas close to Idre Fjäll resort. Because of the current pandemic situation this is a self-service concept. You order your maps/courses and when arriving in Idre Fjäll they are ready for pick-up. 


Areas, distance, course setter
1. Nipfjället, open mountain area long, Per Forsberg
2. Chocken, middle, Tomas Hallmén
3. Slättvåla O, middle, Simone/Matthias Niggli
4. Slättvåla V, long, Simone/Matthias Niggli
5. Mickelstemplet Särna, long, Linus Bohman


Five different courses in all areas. (Middle)
Course 1         2,5-3,0 km (2,0-2,5 km)         Yellow
Course 2         3,0-3,5 km (2,5-3,0 km)         Orange
Course 3         3,0-3,5 km (2,5-3,0 km)         Blue/black
Course 4         4,5-5,0 km (3,5-4,0 km)         Black
Course 5         7,0-8,0 km (4,5-5,5 km)         Black 


Sundag 21 juni – 30 august 2020 och 21 September – 15 October 2020. NOTE! All areas are closed 31 august-20 September because of moose hunting. 


New maps from 2019-2020 (ISOM 2017). Scale 1:10 000, 5 meters eqv. The maps are printed on a certified printer with course, definition and information.


Send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When order, enter which area, course and number. You have to order at least 10 days in advance before your arrival.


You have to pick up your maps at Idre Fjäll. An envelope with your club/name will be prepared with your order.


SEK 70 course/map. Only the map (without a course SEK 50/map)


Several options; invoice (enter your billing address when ordering), or use our bank account for payment; IBAN SE12 8000 0818 7700 4180 3164, BIC SWEDSESS, bank (recipient) Swedbank. Enter your club/name when paying. Currency: SEK.


Offers in four different areas during the same time as mention above. The control points are all control points used for the trainings. Naturpasset is for sale for SEK 70 kronor and can be found in these areas. Nipfjället, Chocken, Slättvåla and Mickelstemplet, Särna.

Naturpasset is for sale in different outlets and dealers in Idre Fjäll, Idre and Särna. You can´t pre-book Naturpass. Only for sale on site.

Idrefjällens OK welcome you all to a wonderful summer of orienteering at Idre Fjäll!