Viaplay Sport is broadcasting 10MILA live

Viaplay Sport, Finland will broadcast the orienteering competition 10MILA on 7-8 May, which this year also celebrates its 75th anniversary.

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Updated training packages

It is now possible to order Tjäderbladet 1 (relay training). To come soon are Borgartjärn 2 (outside the shooting range) and Björktjärn 1 (all controls map). We hope to open up the possibility of ordering these asap.

Love Sintring, responsible for the training packages recorded a movie (in Swedish) when placing the controls out on Tjäderbladet 1.

Up to date info about the snow status in the terrain

It is only about one month left to 10MILA. We asked course setter Lars Persson and the competion manager Oskar Eklöf about the snow status in the terrain. Oskar, who was out running today says that the snow that fell Friday is gone and that there is hardly no snow at all in the terrain, not even in shadowed areas. Lars informs that there is some snow and ice left on ski trails and on trails where many have walked, particularly if they are situated in the shadow.

The situation is quite different on the artificial snow tracks where it is still possible to enjoy fantastic skiing due to the cold nights. On April 1st, the work to remove all the snow from the arena begun.


Training packages to be updated

All training packages but the ones at "Lisselängen" will be updated during March. The plan is that all control points at the updated training packages will be available at March 18th at the latest (weekend of week 11). This means that control points from today's training packages will have to be moved. We therefore ask you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you plan to come visit us for training during week 10-11 (March 7th and onwards). 

Together we make a sustainable event

Together, we take responsibility for a sustainable event and keep the forest and arena clean. We travel together if possible. Städa Sverige provides the organizers with equipment to keep the arena clean.




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