10Mila 2025 to Finspång and Arena Grosvad

10Mila returns in 2025 to Östergötland, Finspång and Arena Grosvad. Finspång SOK, OK Denseln and OK Kolmården are the hosts when the competition returns to the same arena 15 years after the event in 2010.

May 3–4, the organizing clubs Finspång SOK, OK Denseln and OK Kolmården extend a warm welcome to Finspång and 10Mila 2025 at Arena Grosvad. The weekend already starts on Thursday 1 May with a Swedish League competition in the local area before Tiomila takes over on Saturday with youth, women’s and men’s races. Tiomila will be organized for the 78th time. Known since 10Mila in 2010 and two of the O-ringen stages in 2019, Arena Grosvad offers everything an arena could want for 10Mila. A total of 10,000 participants, leaders and supporters are expected to visit Finspång in connection with the competitions on the first weekend in May, which places a lot of demands on accommodation and other infrastructure in the area.

– We in Finspång have the privilege of having a prototype facility for a large orienteering event in the municipality with a lot of infrastructure right next to the competition area. Here there is an ice rink, swimming pool, indoor arenas, athletics track and school gathered on a small surface. In addition, we have a municipality that welcomed us with open arms and was very accommodating to a new, large orienteering competition in Finspång, says Mats Rosander, chairman of Finspång SOK, the conditions for Tiomila 2025.

The work on the arrangement has been going on for two years and now all the necessary agreements are in place with both the municipality and the landowner. The intended competition area for the event in 2025 will be the forest north of Grosvad, which was used during the first stage of O-ringen in Kolmården, 2019 and partly during the 10Mila in 2010.

– The terrain around Grosvad is close to the arena itself and provides the opportunity for decisive competitions that have every opportunity to live up to the expectations and hopes the participants have for a Tiomila, sums up Mats Rosander about what awaits purely competitively during Tiomila 2025.

– It feels incredibly fun to be back with Tiomila in Finspång and at Arena Grosvad 15 years later. An organizing staff with experience from both Tiomila and O-ringen combined with the conditions that exist at Grosvad guarantees that Tiomila 2025 will be a top-class event, says Michael Thulin, chairman of the Tiomila association, what awaits in about 1.5 years.

Finspång SOK, OK Denseln and OK Kolmården warmly welcome all orienteers back to Arena Grosvad 3-4 May 2025!