No increase in the registration fee for the Youth relay before April 1st

On Tuesday, March 5th, the registration deadline 1 was set for all three classes, and the registration fee will be increased until the second registration deadline on April 1st. At the same time, few clubs have started their youth training after the winter, and many have had difficulties determining how many young people can and want to participate in a competition two months ahead.

To give more clubs the opportunity to start youth training and to get a better overview of the interest in participating in Tiomila before the registration fee increases, there will be no increase in the registration fee for the Youth relay until the second registration deadline. It will remain at 690 kronor for a team. This is done with the hope that more youth teams will be at the starting line during Tiomila in Nynäshamn.

Already registered youth teams cannot be withdrawn, and the increase in fees for the women’s and men’s classes will proceed as planned.