Tiomila 2024 – almost back to the same participant level as before the pandemic

849 teams are now registered after registration deadline 2, which means over 6,300 runners. More precisely, 268 teams in the Youth Relay, 274 in the Women’s Relay, and 311 in the Men’s Relay. This is an increase of 49 teams since the first registration deadline. Tiomila is almost back to the same participant numbers as before the pandemic!

There are more of everything compared to Tiomila 2022 in Örebro. More Youth teams, more Men’s teams, and more women. And if we compare before the pandemic with Tiomila in Nynäshamn 2018, the number of women is back to the same level, only 190 fewer men, and about 400 fewer youths. But hopefully, there will be additional late-registered teams that will improve the numbers.

“It’s especially great that over 20 more youth teams have signed up. It was the right decision not to charge a late registration fee for them,” says competition director Christer Nordström.

Welcome to an intense Tiomila-event in Nynäshamn on May 4-5.