Tiomila 2024 – back at the same number of participants as before the pandemic

871 teams and nearly 6,500 runners registered for this year’s Tiomila. 280 youth teams, 275 women’s teams, and 316 men’s teams. More teams and more runners than in several years…

The new Tiomila appeals to the orienteering community in Sweden; this year’s Tiomila is back at the same participation level as before the pandemic and attracts significantly more participants than both 2022 and 2023.

“It’s wonderful that so many want to be part of the ‘new Tiomila,’ and it’s especially exciting to see increased interest from the women. This despite the fact that the number of legs has been increased to six, with two of them being at night. Finally, the women get night legs, which is an important part of Tiomila’s signature,” says race director Christer Nordström.