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Do you want to cover Tiomila 2024 on site?

Tiomila is the orienteering relay that lasts for a day, from daylight, into dusk, further into the night, and then ultimately decided in the early hours of the morning. More than 900 teams and over 5,500 runners participate every year during the Tiomila weekend.

During Tiomila, the world’s elite compete for the year’s most prestigious relay; further back in the field, many orienteers, on the same courses as the world elite, struggle to beat neighboring clubs and meet the challenge of reaching the finish line in the competition that lasts from evening to morning.

This year’s Tiomila will also be historic as the competition format has been revamped to make it a more equitable Tiomila. When darkness falls on Saturday evening, it will be the premiere of night legs in the women’s relay.

Tiomila Nynäshamn, one of the world’s oldest and largest orienteering relays.

May 4-5, 2024.

The youth relay with around 300 teams starts the Tiomila day on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM and is expected to finish at 4:00 PM.

The men’s relay starts at 5:30 PM with three legs before the competition takes a break and makes way for the historic women’s start, which begins when darkness has fallen at 9:30 PM. The men’s relay resumes at 11:30 PM with orienteering through the night and is expected to finish at 6:20 AM on Sunday morning. The women’s relay resumes with a pursuit start at 7:00 AM, with the winning team expected to finish at 10:20 AM.

Interested in covering Tiomila?
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The relays will be broadcast with professional production on Tiomila’s own platform throughout the competition. If you want to access video material, contact: Lennart Agén

Possible news angles:

  • Unique in the world – who will win the historic first night leg in the women’s relay?
  • Record number of participating countries (13 in total) including teams from Belgium, Bulgaria, England, France, and Croatia. World premiere at Tiomila for the team from Croatia.
  • More women’s teams/runners registered than in recent years! A sign that the women are looking forward to the world premiere at Tiomila.
  • Tiomila – now an equitable event where the broad teams compete on the elite’s terms.

If you are covering the events from home but still want information about the competitions, access to press releases, and images, please contact:

The Arena:
Tiomila is best experienced on-site, at Kvarnängens IP, sixty kilometers south of Stockholm. A spectator-friendly arena with ample opportunities to follow both incoming and outgoing runners. And of course, big screens where the entire competition can be followed from the front row. At the arena, there will also be a press tent with WiFi and seating to work from.