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To order training package’s, please fill out this form.

As the requester, provide your name, email address for receiving the map file, billing address along with an email address, and specify the quantity of each map you plan to print. Once we receive your order, we will send the map/maps as a PDF via email.

We invoice 75 SEK per planned printout.

We request that you also indicate the period during which you intend to use the courses. This information helps us report and monitor the impact on the environment. If you change your plans after ordering maps, please inform us at, both regarding the number of printouts and the timing.

Several of the courses provided have variations. We appreciate it if you distribute yourselves among the different variations to reduce the impact on individual course sections. Controls are marked with reflective poles, red and white tape, and a label with the 10Mila logo.

For questions regarding orders, contact Björn Julander at or 0705 41 42 09.

Training areas

Training area 1


Open until April 10.

Course lengths:

  • 4,5 km, forked.
  • 9 km, forked.
  • 9,5 km, forked.
    The 9 km course is forked with 9,5 km but with a different start and finish.


Part of Kvarnsjön-Ådran, contour interval 5 m, revised 2022.

Training area 2


Parking at Linneaberg. Courses open for training until 5 May 2024. Running after sun set not allowed after 1 January 2024.

Course lengths and character:

  • 5 km, middle distance, forked.
  • 10 km, long distance, forked.


Part of Granby-Tornberget, contour interval 4 m, revised 2019.

Training area 3


Closed due to capercaillie


Part of Tyresta-Högsta, contour interval 4 m, revised 2017.

Training area 4


Parking Balingsta allé. Courses open for training between October 16 – May 5, 2024.

Course lengths and character:

  • Cirka 5,5 km, middle distance, forked.
  • Cirka 9 km, long distance, forked.
  • O-intervals, six intervals between 0,5 to 1 km.


Mörtsjön, contour interval 5 m, revised 2023.

Training area 5


Courses set by Fredrik Hedin, course setter for Tiomila. Courses open for training until 5 maj 2024

Course lengths:

  • 3,3 km
  • 5,2 km
  • 6,5 km
  • 3,4 km, orange difficulty


Lövhagen, contour interval 5 m, scale 1:10 000, made by Roger Åsberg.

Training area 6


Courses open for training between January 8 – May 5 2024

Course lengths and character:

  • 7 km, forked.
  • 4,9 km, forked.


Långsjön, contour interval 2,5 m, scale 1:10 000.

For information about areas 6 please contact: