Increased participation numbers for Tiomila 2024 in Nynäshamn compared to previous years after the pandemic

Even before the first registration deadline, over 800 teams from 13 countries have signed up for Tiomila 2024. It’s particularly exciting that the number of female participants is increasing with the new format, consisting of six legs, including two night legs.

The number of registered teams and runners is higher than in 2022 in Örebro and significantly more than in 2023 in Skellefteå, even before the first registration deadline.

Currently, there are 245 teams in the Youth Relay, 299 in the Men’s Relay, and 258 in the Women’s Relay.

The Women’s Relay, now expanded to six legs with the first two being at night, marks a world premiere with night legs. It’s especially exciting that many female participants have embraced the new format. As of now, 258 women’s teams have registered, comprising 1,548 runners. Compared to the number of registrations at the first deadline in 2022 and 2023, there are more female participants this year, with 1,548 compared to 1,485 and 1,135 runners, respectively.

International participation is also increasing, with teams from 13 countries, setting a new record. Among the registered teams are those from Belgium, Bulgaria, England, France, and Croatia—something Tiomila isn’t typically accustomed to. The team from Croatia is making its world premiere at Tiomila.

“It’s truly exciting that so many teams/runners are already registered for the Tiomila weekend. Fortunately, we’re seeing increased interest in Tiomila again. As organizers, we will do our utmost to make it the best orienteering celebration,” says competition director Christer Nordström.